0552120-2 Cessna 172 Airbox Bracket


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Airbox Support Bracket

Replacement Part Number:
0552120-1, 0552120-2

Are you replacing the airbox because the collar detached? Maybe the bracket cracked and you need a new one? 

These are common issues related to 172L-M airbox support brackets manufactured by Cessna. The problem is that the factory brackets and airboxes have significant variability and do not fit well on the engine. In fact, we have measured many brackets and found nearly ¼” variation in bracket heights. 

When the airbox and bracket are installed on the engine, but don’t fit well, the airbox collar and bracket attachment points are highly stressed. Since both these components attach to the engine they also experience significant vibration which adds to the stress in these areas. To improve this design Air Plains has incorporated two innovative features into our new FAA PMA bracket:

  • Air Plains Bracket is adjustable during installation which compensates for any misalignment in height. 
  • Air Plains Bracket features a steel upper bracket, improving the strength where it matters most.

Installation of an Air Plains airbox support bracket will improve the useful life of the airbox. Hardware pictured is included and is all that is needed for replacement of existing bracket. 

Model Eligibility:
Cessna 172L, 172M serial number 17259224-61898,
F172L serial number 0805-0904,
F172M serial number 0905-1034, 
172B thru 172M with STC SA4428SW

Install adjustable bracket in accordance with Air Plains ICA APS-19-11-15 or latest revision. Link: www.airplains.com/support/continued-airworthiness