Air Plains FAA-PMA Supplements

Unless requested, we do not provide form 8130-3.

All our FMA-PMA parts come with the supplement and aircraft model eligibility. This document authorizes the installation of the PMA parts in the eligible aircraft models. Please check the model eligibility described on each product page before purchasing. This document will be available during check out and a copy will be e-mailed and available for download.

The form 8130-3 does not constitute approval to install the product or article on an aircraft. 

Referencing Order 8130.21H

What is the purpose of FAA Form 8130-3?

This form has multiple purposes:

  1. a) The form may constitute a statement from the FAA that a new product or article produced under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 21, Certification Procedures for Products and Parts, conforms to its design and is in a condition for safe operation.
  2. b) The form may be used to return to service a used product or article following inspection, maintenance, or alteration.
  3. c) The form may be used when exporting products or articles to meet the requirements of bilateral agreements between the United States and other countries. This includes the shipment, not the export, of a prototype product or article to another country.
  4. d) In all cases, the form is used to promote the identification and traceability of products and articles throughout the global aviation system.