A message from Air Plains on COVID-19


     To say this is a trying time for us all is quite an understatement. We want to take this opportunity to join so many others and simply say we can get through this if we all work together, doing what we can with our families and our communities to #flattenthecurve.
     The state motto of Kansas is Ad Astra Per Aspera – To the Stars with Difficulties. We are in uncharted airspace, no doubt, but this is when people tend to shine. We have faith in each other and in humankind and we are confident we’ll continue our journey to the stars.
     We’ve been lucky in Wellington, Kansas, so far. Our small staff continues in normal operations, and we remain focused on each other, on our families, on our community and on our customers. Our spirits here are filled each day with news from our community and from other regions around the world of people banding together to care for each other with incredible acts of kindness. 
     The men and women of the global general aviation community have always been eager to help when adversity comes our way and we are so proud to be part of this great group. We face challenges head on, ready to do what we can to come through even stronger than before. 
Shine on! 
From all of us at Air Plains Services